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A New Year – A New Update from SOMGL

Participants of the 2015 Healthy Athlete Workshop

Шинэ жилийн мэнд хүргэе!

We have three updates for all of our wonderful readers.

1. Young Athlete Trainer Training

On December 7th, 2015 new trainers for the Young Athlete Program were trained. A total of 29 future trainers participated. The participants were representatives from Special School No.70, 63, 55, 25, Special kindergarten No. 10, NGO “Enerelin Tuchi” day care center, Autism Association, Autism-Mongol NGO, ADRA International NGO, and many community centers and churches located in Nalaikh, and Baganuur districts of Arkhangai province.

The main goal of the training is to train trainers on the methodology and activities of the Young Athlete Program, which is primarily aimed at young children (aged 2-7) with intellectual disabilities. Future trainers will conduct and facilitate an 8 week comprehensive program by using special game activities to develop cognitive, physical, and social skills of young children with intellectual disabilities.

Future young athlete trainers participate in games and activities.

Future young athlete trainers participate in games and activities.

2. Healthy Athlete – Screening for Health and Opening Eyes Program in Mongolia

The National Maternal and Child Health Center of Mongolia hosted two important sessions of Healthy Athlete – Screening for Health and Opening Eyes Program in Mongolia from November 14th to November 21st, 2015.

Participants learned a great deal about how to promote health in their communities.

Participants learned a great deal about how to promote health in their communities.

Activity 1.1.: Healthy Athlete Promotion Training

A training for Health Athlete Promotion was held on the 7th of November, 2015. The training was facilitated by Dr. Tsevelmaa Baldan, who recently trained in Los Angeles as a Clinical Director on Health Promotion. Other main facilitators were Dr. Oyundelger, Nutrition researcher, Dr. Tserenlkham, Nutrition researcher, and Mr. Byambasuren, health promotion specialist, all of whom work at the National Public Health Institute of Mongolia. A total of 12 trainers attending, coming from such diverse organizations as the National Public Health Institute, National Inspection Agency, Ministry of Health and Sport, National Hospital No. 3, and Mary Stops International. The training sessions included topics on nutrition, BMI, blood pressure, hand washing, physical activity, sun protection, bone density, tobacco prevention, as well as an introduction to Special Olympics.

On November 14th, 2015 these trainers conducted over 100 athlete screenings and seven health promotion workshops.

Activity 1.2: Trainer’s Training on Opening Eyes Program

Trainer’s training on Opening Eye Discipline was held on the 10th of November, 2015. A total of 14 residency physicians on ophthalmology were trained on eye care and protection. The training was facilitated by Dr. Shamsiya Murat, who trained at the Clinical Directors on Opening Eyes session at Los Angeles in July, 2015.

The main topics of this training were to demonstrate how to conduct screening among athletes using different eye disease diagnostic equipment and instruments.

Activity 2: Screening on Health Promotion and Opening Eyes Program
Doctors learned valuable information about eye care during this workshop.

Doctors learned valuable information about eye care during this workshop.

107 special athletes attended the Healthy athlete screening for Health promotion and the Opening Eyes program. All the athletes were invited from area Special schools, the Parents Association with Disabled Children, and the Down Syndrome Association Mongolia.

The results are as follows:

Out of 107 athletes, 56% (60) were male and 43.9% (47) were female.

  • 5% (22) wear glasses
  • 9% (62) visual acuity of both eyes were low
  • Cover test: 18.6% (20)-trope 30pd-exo, constant; 0.9% (1)-trope-hyper; 6.5% (7) trope-eso, constant.
  • Latent nystagmus: 2.8% (3);
  • Color vision low from 13/14: 10.2% (11);
  • Stereopsis-low from 5/6: 36.4% (39);
  • Nystagmus: 9.3% (10);
  • Abnormality: 2 cataract; 1 AC-IOL; 1 lens dislocation (marfan); 3 epiblepharon 1NLDO; 1 glaucoma; 1 congenital anomaly
  • IOP (Icare): both eye IOP increase: 13% (14)
One adorable patient enjoys an eye screening.

One adorable patient enjoys an eye screening.

Health Promotion screening results are as follows:

  • BMI-10% of athletes were overweight.
  • Bone density: a total of 41 athletes attended for bone density measuring SAHARA equipment. All of their bone density was normal.
  • Blood pressure-4 athletes blood pressure was too low and given advice for their parents.
  • All participants received healthy eating, sun protection, tobacco prevention information by trainers;
2015 Inspiration of the Year Voting Results

As you may have noticed from SOEA’s official WeChat Mr. Su Fang, an athlete from Special Olympics China, and Mr. Alex Ying, supporter from Dairy Queen China, have won the awards for Inspiration of the Year after the online voting process. Please refer to the link to review the votes and results. We congratulate all the nominees who have made significant achievement or contribution in Special Olympics in the past year.

Special Olympics Mongolia Expands to Uvurkhangai

Photo collage of Special Olympics in Uvurkhangai

On October 20 Uvurkhangai Province held its first ever Special Olympics Games. The two day event, held in Uvurkhangai’s provincial capital, saw participation of 36 children, aged between 14 and 18, in competitions including shot-put, long jump, track, powerlifting, volleyball, and basketball. The event featured the introduction of the Special Olympics Young Athletes program, which saw the additional participation of 16 children between the ages of 7 and 12.

The event was sponsored by the Uvurkhangai Ministry of Education, World Vision, Peace Corps, Special Olympics Mongolia, Second School of Arvaikheer, the sports center, Mongolia’s Scouting Association, and the Governor of Uvurkhangai.

Since its creation in April 2013, Special Olympics Mongolia now serves 1200 athletes, with 50 coaches, 20 public health professionals, 5 medical professionals, and countless community and family volunteers.

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